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Jingle Dancer Kristy Montry Smith starts the Candy Dance with Children

Our Story

Behind the Scenes

The LIHA 2023 Event schedule is really shaping up to be packed with all kinds of fun for everyone. 

 Meetings are held every 3rd Saturday of the month. Preparing all Winter and now onto the fine tuning of the details.  Contacting our membership, signing up our vendors , calling all artisans, musicians and drums....

      Its Time to Pow Wow!

Our first event is Sugar Run Pow Wow June 24-25, 2023. Come lift your spirits and kick the Summer off in dance  celebrating  life.

  Then comes Learners Weekend

July 29-30, 2023 all admission are FREE for the weekend. Hands on learning different Native American crafts, the music ,tools and their histories , the intricate beadwork watch the demonstrations or join in. Learn Native American traditional dance a favorite time for both young and old.

  Labor Day Pow Wow September 1-4, 2023 is our biggest event of our season. This will be our 52nd year and we are so thankful to all our Members, Friends and Family that help keep us going through such a difficult times for all.  We look forward to seeing old friends and making new friends this year...Please stop by and say "Hello"

We Couldn't do it Without You!
















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