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Laconia Indian Historical Association

Pet Policy

This policy serves to define the guidelines for pet accompaniment upon the Dulac Land Trust as a member of the Laconia Indian Historical Association (LIHA) or as a guest of LIHA. This policy is only perinate during the period of Memorial Day Weekend to Columbus Day Weekend. In Addition to, it only pertains to events hosted by LIHA.

As it pertains to this policy, pets shall be defined into four categories; All Pets, NonMember Day Use Pets, Non-Member Overnight Pets/Member Pets and Service Dogs. Each category shall be defined and have guidelines to follow. Failure to follow the guidelines may result in the party(ies) involved being removed. Each incident with a pet failing to adhere to these guidelines will be taken on a case by case basis. The Event Chair, Camp Master and or Head of Security will have final say.

All Pets:

Defined by LIHA as any pet upon the property.

1. Leashes/Positive Control:

All pets shall be leashed and/or remain under positive control while on the Land.

  a. Carriers may be utilized for smaller pets while inside/outside of owner’s campsite.

  b. While outside of owner’s campsite, leashes are limited to 10ft. While inside owner’s campsite, leash length must not allow the pet the ability to enter other campsites/roads/paths.

2. Prohibited Areas:

Below is a list of areas that pets are forbidden to enter.

   a. At no time, may pets enter any permanent structure erected on the property. 

         i. Cook Shack 

        ii. Snack Shack

       iii. Out-House 

       iv. Storage Sheds

        v. “Sac & Fox” Building

       vi. Arbor

  b. During events, the Event Chair has authority to implement restricted areas for the duration of the event. Event planners must follow the below guidelines when establishing such areas.

        i. Define which pets will be restricted.

       ii. Define when/where the restriction will be enforced.

      iii. Clearly mark all restricted areas.        iv. Restricted areas may only actively bar pet entry ½-hour prior through ½-hour after allotted times for events in the arbor.

3. Pet Waste:

Below are listed the guidelines pertaining to waste produced by pets.

a. All waste produced by pets must be cleaned up by the owner/person of charge of the pet.

b. Owners may not dispose of pet waste in common trash receptacles. If a dumpster is provided for the event, it may be used to dispose of pet waste.

c. Waste may be disposed of outside of common areas. Paths, roads, campsites, the playground, the cookshack, the pond and all areas within the loop created by the road are defined as common areas. i. Waste disposed of, in this manner, may not be contained in any type of bag.

4. Nature of Pet:

Below are listed the guidelines pertaining to the conduct of the pet.

   a. All pets are expected to be well tempered and comfortable in public settings.

   b. Owners may reserve the right to the handling of their pets by other parties i.e.; petting, feeding etc.

   c. Pets will also adhere to posted quiet hours at all events. 

Non-Member Day Use Pets

Defined by LIHA as pets whose owners are not members and do not intend to stay overnight upon the land.

1. Guidelines:

All non-member pets, not staying overnight must follow the “All Pets” guidelines and the guidelines listed below.

   a. Must show proof of ownership and rabies vaccination upon entering gate. Listed below are acceptable forms of proof.

          i. Any paperwork stating owner’s & pet’s name + description & vaccinations.

         ii. Dog ID & Rabies tags matched to owner’s contact info.

   b. Must wear ID & Rabies Tags at all times. c. Must remain in the custody of the owner while on the land trust. At no time, may a non-member day use pet be placed in the custody of anyone else, unless said pet is found without the owner and being returned to them.

Non-Member Overnight & Member Pets

Defined by LIHA as any pet whose owners intend on overnight stays with the pet.

1. Guidelines:

All pets staying on the land overnight must follow the “All Pets” guidelines and the guidelines listed below.

     a. Must show proof of ownership and rabies vaccination upon entering gate. Listed below are acceptable forms of proof.

          i. Any paperwork stating owner’s & pet’s name + description.

         ii. Dog ID tags matched to owner’s contact info.

    b. Must wear ID & Rabies Tags at all times.

    c. Owners are required to maintain paperwork showing the pet has its core vaccinations.

         i. For cats, core vaccines include feline panleukopenia, feline calicivirus, feline rhinotracheitis (also known as feline herpesvirus), and rabies.

       ii. For dogs, core vaccines include Canine parvovirus, distemper, canine hepatitis and rabies

      iii. Paperwork must be with owner at all times. Car, campsite or person all qualify as locations the paperwork can be.

      iv. Paperwork must travel with the pet if custody of the pet is left to someone other than the owner.

      v. Owners can choose to submit paperwork directly to LIHA.

             1. Owners that due so are exempt from this guideline as LIHA will maintain the copy.

Service Animals

Defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as any dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability.

1. Guidelines: Service animals will be required to follow above listed guidelines as they pertain to their length of stay on the land. Additionally, the following applies. 

     a. All owners of service animals are encouraged but not required to provide proof of registration for the animal.

     b. All service animals, while in a working condition as defined by their owner, shall not be restricted from any area/building that is not restricted to the public.

There's our CYA,

  Please if you choose to bring a pet be mindful that there are many children playing on and around the land, traffic  in and out ,vendors, and lots of music. Please take all those things into consideration prior to bringing your fur baby, they may not like it as much as we do.

Thank You,


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